Hello, I'm Stuart and I like to run a long way.
Welcome to my blog, here I'll try to keep you up to date with my challenges, adventures and training.

I competing in Ultra distance running, adventure racing, and a variety of other events. I hold a few records in the UK, and in 2012 ran 1100 miles over the Alps, from Vienna to Nice.

I am raising funds for Water for Kids, a small charity with the simple purpose of ensuring that the world's poorest communities have clean water.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nice to be back!

It's been a while since I last posted, mainly due to moving house and the lack of internet. It's great to be back in Sheffield, having the Peak District on my doorstep again is fantastic!

Last weekend was the bi-annual Bob Graham 24 hour club reunion dinner, where the members of the Pudsey & Bramley travelling circus were presented with our certificates... It now hangs next to my degree certificate, and I can't decide which took more effort to achieve!

I also had a really good run while I was in the lakes. Having missed the entry deadline for Langdale I decided to go "Wainwright bagging", and had a great afternoon up and around the High Street area. The total was 9 Wainwrights in the end, in about 14 miles. It was pretty spectacular to be up there at sunset. I had heard these deer from a long way off, and finally saw them (appropriately enough) on Deer Fell.

It's the WfK AGM on friday and I have just sent Carey some posters to put up, so hopefully they will help drum up some more support! Here's one of the posters, just in case anyone wants to stick it up anywhere...