Hello, I'm Stuart and I like to run a long way.
Welcome to my blog, here I'll try to keep you up to date with my challenges, adventures and training.

I competing in Ultra distance running, adventure racing, and a variety of other events. I hold a few records in the UK, and in 2012 ran 1100 miles over the Alps, from Vienna to Nice.

I am raising funds for Water for Kids, a small charity with the simple purpose of ensuring that the world's poorest communities have clean water.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

OK, here we go...

Right, tomorrow I set off.

I'm having the usual nerves and thinking how much nicer it would be to stay at home for a month than to go off and do stupid things, but that was always expected! So this will be a short post, just to update anyone who's interested on how you can follow where I am...

The easiest way to see where I am is to use the Big Alps Run website (www.bigalpsrun.eu), which has a Twitter box on the left hand side. Here you will be able to see when I update my location through Twitter. If you click on the "mrstuartwalker" words at the top of the twitter box, it will take you to a link with my tweets. Some you can click on and see a photo, and some will take you to a map showing where I am.

I will be using a Nokia maps application to send a map position and (sometimes) photo to my Facebook profile. This will also appear on Twitter. However, your facebook account may or may not be able to show the map! If it can't, or if you don't have a facebook account, you can obviously still read the location, or copy it (after the @) into Google maps, which should show you where I am!

Obviously parts of the Alps are quite remote, so phone signal to do these things may be limited. If I don't update my location for a while this is more than likely the reason! An additional issue is phone battery, which I will try to conserve as much as possible as I don't know how reliable the solar charger will be.

Well that's about it folks. Sorry for a rambling post, hopefully something more coherent (and concise!) will follow, if not during the run then certainly afterwards.

Thanks to everyone who has donated, and please keep spreading the word until everyone you know has donated!